29 August 2014

Stupid human tricks

"You must be older than The Late Show with David Letterman to be served in this establishment."

I can't find a copy online, but if memory serves, the intro to the inaugural episode was a montage of Ed Sullivan clips introducing bands (including The Letterman) cut together to make an awkward impression of Sullivan introducing, for example, "the wonderful <slice> the magnificent <slice> the talented <slice> ... <slice> David <slice> Letterman!"

Anyway, given the recent announcement (above), it's kind of a poignant milestone.

I still blame him for cutting Louie C.K. out as revenge for auditioning for his job.  Cold, Dave.  Cold. 

26 August 2014


"You must be older than Mario & Wario to be served in this establishment."

"Evidently this was not, in fact, the first appearance, as Wario had shown up in a Gameboy title the year before, but this was the first time he was used in an actual NES game."

"I, uh... I don't know anything about Wario."

"Wow, sorry, I just zoned out there.  You still here?  You must really want that drink... or else I've driven you catatonic.  Either way, first one's on the house."